distracting accoutrements are not utilized

 With almost 200 styles in their line, a shopper will actually find it difficult to choose the one they like the most! That is because Mephisto spends as much time on the look of the shoe neymar cleats as on the ergonomic design of it. Quite often, most women and some men believe that comfortable shoes are not synonymous with fashion. Mephisto Shoes can prove them wrong.

There are models that boast open toes, open heels, flirty straps and bright colors. Mephisto does not sacrifice appearance for comfort's sake, or comfort for appearance's sake. They know that today's savvy consumer demands both. It's clear the idea that a comfortable walking shoe must be black, box shaped and boasts no ornamentation is pass? No longer do casual shoes need to be the athletic and tennis shoes of the 80's or the bulky "earth shoes" of the 1970's. No longer must people face disappointment when discovering that their foreign-made huaraches have stretched out of shape within months

Within Mephisto's "Allrounder" line of women's shoes nike mercurial cr7 a consumer has her choice of shoes with traditional laces ("fast speed" for the easiest use), Velcro strapped Mary Janes, or flip-flop versions of their comfort sandal. All are anatomically designed, made of water-repellent leathers, and provide support and shock absorption-often from mini-air bags in the soles. These styles are sporty looking and practical wearing, due to high-tech materials used for absorbing lining, padding and support systems. The foot is cushioned with every step while presenting a fashionable image.

When it comes to women's sandals and clogs, Mephisto offers the most beautiful leathers available and adheres to the concept of "less is more" with simple elegance. The lines are clean and the workmanship is evident, especially in the use of buckles, or, in a more fancy choice, rhinestones clips. Textured leather, faux animal skin and glittery textures are just a few choices in these casual walking shoes.

Options also include flip-flop styles, open toed clogs, and European styled sandals. The men's line of casual shoes, sandals and "Allrounders" is equally impressive. Again, distracting and inexpensive-looking accoutrements are not utilized. The look is that of clean and stylish simplicity. The focus is on the finest, softest calf-skin leather for the slip-on "loafer" type of shoes. Tie-up shoes and Velcro sandals are also made in water-repellent leather and are equally handsome.

Mephisto Shoes has perfected shoe engineering and has found what works best for each particular style in terms of providing maximum comfort. Their designers also know what people find attractive. Multi-hued leathers with classic inserts, bright trims on suede, contrasting stitching, faux fur trim on boots-everything a buyer could look for in a fashion shoe can be found in a Mephisto walking shoe. (There's even a special edition "Hope" shoe to benefit Breast Cancer charity, in pink, of course!) Heels and soles on sandals, casual shoes or Allarounders are an appropriate height to accommodate a multi-grip function, but not too high to detract from the shoe.